Highlights – July 22

Artapedia Highlights
In July, we primarily covered Fringe, but we also shined a spotlight on a special DC arts educator.

Elizabeth Bruce’s Theatrical Journey
“Just as policymakers are considering a new approach to public education, unconventional educators like Elizabeth Bruce provide a window into a potential future.”

Concrete Devotion Reviewed
“An exploration of mental illness, the staccato rhythm in the music and movement envelop the viewer in the fever pitch of mania.”

Elephant in the Room at the Capital Fringe Festival
Elephant in the Room Reviewed
“Elephant in the Room is precisely the kind of show one expects at the Fringe. It’s quirky, and somewhat impenetrable, and the experimental energy is delightful.”

and from our sister site, Bourgeon:

The Voyageurs
Histories, Heroes, and Small Moments
by. Nathan Loda
“The subjects in these paintings were inspired by my search into my own identity, and connected to that, my exploration of what is authentic and meaningful to me as an artist.”

Upcoming Events

July 23
Capacity Building in the Arts
with Michael M. Kaiser
Michael M. Kaiser, director of the DeVos Institute, served as President of the Kennedy Center from 2001 to 2014. This is a unique opportunity to study in a small workshop setting with a world leader in the Arts. To learn more about the workshop and Mr. Kaiser click through to the registration link. Thanks to Michael for donating his time to support this project!

Arts Journalism Spotlight

Anne Midgette
Yuja Wang, NSO play to enthusiastic but small crowd at Wolf Trap
by. Anne Midgette
The Washington Post
“All of this is well and good, and if you were there, you had every reason to enjoy it. But I think it will take more than a visit to a perfectly good performance, or my exhortations about how great the experience is, to persuade you or anyone else to rush out and buy tickets.”

Things We Have to Miss (But, You Don’t!)

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